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My Kids
The Whimsical Conjuror

It's Magic!

Welcome to my web site!

Hi! My name is Doug Peters. By day, a mild-mannered scientist (experience researching Ocean Acoustics, Adaptive Filters and Speech Recognition) night, "Dad" to three slightly spoiled but really-very-sweet children. See the "my kids" page for their pictures.


Visual performance transcends language and culture.
Here I am on the Great Wall of China!

I like people and I like fun. I like it when people have fun. And that's why I like magic. No, I'm not into boring anyone (I'll make three piles of seven cards...) or "fooling" anyone. I like stuff that they like. And that's why I like it. We have fun together, the audience and me. More likely than not, someone in the crowd gets the "credit" for the magic.

I also like making magic. Being creative. Breaking the rules. On this site, I hope to collect some examples of original magic. If you see anything here that you've seen elsewhere, please let me know via e-mail. I don't like it when credit is misplaced.

Thanks for visiting!

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